NC State defeats Charlotte, 84-43

The Pack got off to a hot start and never looked back in this one. There was a wreck on I-40, so my normal one hour drive was a solid two hours. My mother and I walked in right at the first media timeout. State was already up 16-4. The first quarter ended with a 36-8 lead. Most of the damage was done by Aziaha James, with 19 points.

The Central Limit Theorem took over in the second quarter, as the Pack made only one of their 18 shots, missing all 10 3-pointers.

Aziaha ended with a career high 26 points, on 5-8 for 3-pointers. Mimi Collins made 3 of 6 from the arc. Incredibly, the rest of the team was 1 for 13. The one make? That was walk-on Jannah Eissa, bringing a roar from the crowd.

The team seemed to be focused on taking care of business. I'm sure UConn was in the back of everyone's minds. The crowd was good, listed at 4496.

I caught some of Coach's comments on the radio after the game. Ernie talked about watching Laci Steele make shot after shot in practice. He thinks she will be a good shooter when she gets more comfortable. Speaking of Laci, she did have some good moments. She made some good drivers to the basket and made one spectacular pass to a teammate under the basket. She looks like a good ball handler also, and I think she could run the point.

River Baldwin appears to be working through a back injury. She was wearing a brace while on the bench, and she was stretching it out at one point.

Zoe Brooks looks ready to go right now. She rebounds well, had 3 assists, and can score in the lane. The only thing we haven't seen from her yet in an outside shot.

That's all I have right now. I'm totally excited about Sunday's game. I think the atmosphere will be phenomenal. I don't know how the game will go.