WBB: Illinois State Visits Reynolds


N. C. State's women's basketball team takes on the Illinois State Redbirds in James T. Valvano Arena on Sunday December 3rd at 2:00 p.m. The game is an ACCNX stream.

State has maybe a surprising very short history with the Redbirds. State is 0 and 1 against Illinois State with the loss coming on January 8th, 1981. The game was a home game for the Pack and the Pack lost 73-68. In the 1980-81 season State had an overall record of 21-10 while the Redbirds had a 28-8 record. State's women's basketball program was not very old at the time with the program starting play in the 1974-75 season and playing only 15 games during that season. In the 74-75 season the team had an overall record of 11-4. Note that the first ACC women's basketball tournament was held in 1978 with Maryland defeating State 89-82.

Illinois State is 6-1 overall in the 2023-24 season with their last game being a 102-47 home win over Chicago State. Illinois State started in that game six-two grad student DeAnna Wilson, five-eight redshirt senior Maya Wong, six-two senior Kate Bullman, five-nine sophomore Abbie Aalsma and five-four junior Caroline Waite. Due to the "blowout" no Redbird player played more than 23 minutes. Of the players off the bench six-two freshman Savannah McGowan played those 23 minutes and five-eleven senior Daijah Smith played 21 minutes.

Illinois is led in scoring by Wilson who is averaging 16 ppg. Wong is second in scoring at 13.3 ppg. Kate Bullman leads the team in rebounding at 10 rpg. For players averaging significant minutes per game Maya Wong leads the team in both arc and floor shooting percentages at 563 and 622. The Redbirds high volume floor and arc shooter is Caroline Waite who shoots 437 and 435 respectively. As a team, the Redbirds shoot 489 from the floor; 396 from the arc.

With regard to State, shows their Live RPI as 1 (can't get any better than this), their overall record as 8-0; their NET as 17; their ELO as 4; and their SOS as 10. State has two quad 1 NET and RPI wins. State's best win remains that over NET 2 UConn.

With regard to Illinois State, shows their Live RPI as 174 (even with a win State's Live RPI will drop); their overall record as 5-1 (this is an error as their overall record according to their website is 6-1); their NET as 88; their ELO as 74; and their SOS as 342. Illinois State's quad 1 NET and RPI record is 0-1. The Redbirds do not have a significant win.

The RP Prediction found at Nolan for this game is a 97% win-probability for State with a final score of 77-52. Nolan predicts State to go 30-0; 18-0 conference! Would I be a pessimist if I referenced the Monkees "Day Dream Believer"?

Her Hoop Stats, Lobo's Look, State is predicted to win at a neutral site, on the road at Illinois State and in Raleigh with the respective win-probabilities being 90.1%, 84% and 94.2%. With the game being in Raleigh, Lobo likes State 81.2 to 60.2.

With regard to Her Hoop Stats Ratings, State's are value 37.5, rank 10/360, offensive rating value 110.8, offensive rank 19/360, defensive rating value 73.3 and defensive rank 6/360.

With regard to Her Hoop Stats Ratings, Illinois State's are value 16.1, rank 69/360; offensive rating value 103.3, offensive rank 50/360, defensive value 87.2 and defensive rank 99/360.

State should be able to offer significant minutes to most of the team's bench and minutes to all of the team's bench. Hopefully Katie Peneueta who is 0-4 from the floor and arc hits a three.

I will be unable to attend or watch this game other than via delay due to a prior commitment of audio and video work for Lakeside Lutheran Church's Cantata practice, but I hope to follow the game on my phone.

Go Pack!