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NC State Bests Saint Louis University 82-70

Billikens, that first half was ugly!!!

DJ Horne for 3!

Game Summary:

This game was only going to be close if one of two things occurred, if Tennessee beat us a second time, or the team mentally left for the Christmas break early. Not sure which it was in the first half, but Coach Keatts said he had some, “choice words” for them during halftime, and the lightbulb came on. We dominated them 49-34 in the second half for a comfortable win.

Four Factors

Team Efg% TO % OReb% FTA/FGA
Team Efg% TO % OReb% FTA/FGA
NCS 52 13.5 30.3 30.7
SJU 50 16.9 23.7 39.6

Overall Takeaways:

  • After going 0-8 from 3PT in the first half, we were 9-17 in the second
  • We outrebounded them by 1 in the second half
  • We had 5 steals in the second half.
  • We had 29 points off turnovers overall, to their 2.
  • We had 16 more shots in the game
  • We held the Billiken stars, Hargrove and Jimerson, to 4 total made baskets
  • Only 6 turnovers
  • Pomeroy predicted 83-71. Not too shabby!

Wolfpack Player Highlights

Casey Morsell 21 2 2 1
DJ Burns 13 2 3
DJ Horne 18 1 0 2
Ben Middlebrooks 9 4 2

Individual Highlights

  • Casey Morsell regained his form after two games with no 3PT shots, he was 4-6 and led the team in scoring for the second time this season
  • Dennis Parker, Jr had a strong first half and led the team in rebounding with 7 for the game.
  • Ben Middlebrooks had another good game. Coach Keatts said he brought a lot of much needed energy to the game. And he finally hit a 3PT shot.

Box Score