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NC State Trounces the Detroit Mercy Titans 83-66

Merry Christmas fellow Wolfpackers!!

LJ Thomas to the basket for two

Game Summary:

Christmas week games are always worrisome, and this one started poorly. Coach Keatts yanked 4 starters when we were down 2-9 after a couple of minutes looking for some energy, and it worked. By the time we got going in the second half, the outcome was decided.

Coach Keatts got a lot of minutes from the bench, only 3 players played more than 20 minutes, and key bench players like Woods, Middlebrooks, and Rice got much needed quality time. DJ Horne staked his claim as our ‘go to guy’.

This was definitely not one of our better games, but we won and can enjoy the holiday break.

Four Factors

Team Efg% TO % OReb% FTA/FGA
Team Efg% TO % OReb% FTA/FGA
NCS 52.4 13.2 29.6 30.6
DMU 44.7 20.3 26.5 28.1

NET Quad Summary

W / L Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
W / L Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Wins 0 1 1 7
Losses 3 0 0 0

Overall Takeaways:

  • When the Pack decided to play defense, they did it well. They forced 16 turnovers and converted that to 21 points.
  • The passing was very good, 18 assists on 32 made shots.
  • Another game with a slow start. We will struggle to catch up with better teams.
  • 52.6% free throw shooting is inadequate, to be polite.
  • How can a team with no center out rebound us?

Wolfpack Player Highlights

DJ Horne 26 6 6 1
Ben Middlebrooks 11 7 1 1
Dennis Parker, Jr. 10 7 1
Jayden Taylor 6 1 2 4
Michael O'Connell 5 3 6 1

Individual Highlights

  • DJ Horne had one of his better games, leading the team in scoring and tying for the lead in assists. He hit 6 3PT shots for the second time this season.
  • Ben Middlebrooks gets better every game. He played 17 minutes and was the second leading scorer, tied for the lead in rebounding, and blocked a shot
  • Dennis Parker, Jr played another good game, tying for the lead in rebounding.
  • Michael O’Connell played an excellent game, he played the second most minutes at 26, and tied DJ Horne with 6 assists. He also finally got another 3PT shot to fall.

Box Score