Transfer QB Rating/Ranking

24/7 Sports' transfer recruit rankings are not a scientifically objective standard but it's the cleanest dirty shirt I have to aggregating a player's skills, body of work and potential. I said in one of the transfer threads I'd be very curious what kind of ranking MJ Morris received and how it stacked up to the other players available. I'm also curious how it compares to what was lost and gained last season, though admittedly that's even further removed from being an objective standard.

As of 12/4, Morris is finally in the transfer portal with a three-star transfer rating of 87. At the time of this writing that is 17th best among all quarterbacks, though two of those are already listed as committed to their destination schools and one is listed as strongly expected to be destined for Notre Dame. That stands behind the names we've seen bandied about as potential targets, such as Grayson McCall who is listed as a four-star, 90, 11th best. For reference and comparison since you've likely seen them play, Riley Leonard is listed as a four-star, 92, 4th best, DJ Uiagelelei is listed as a four-star, 90, 7th best and Tyler Van Dyke is listed as four-star, 90, 9th best. Ben Finley is listed as a 3-star, 86, 33rd best.

Compared to last season, we lost Devin Leary as a four-star, 94, 2nd best QB to go through the portal after all was said and done. He was behind only Sam Hartman, another four-star, 94. The much-ballyhooed Shedeur Sanders was a four-star, 92, 4th best. Brennan Armstrong was a four-star, 91, sixth best QB to transit the portal last season.

The QB room is alarmingly thin and we need more than one eligible guy for the '24-'25 season, even if we keep Cedrick Bailey and he's not flipped to another school, but I like our chances of landing a quality, good fit.