WBB: State Travels to Wake Looking for a Needed Win

(State at Wake; Thursday, February 9th; 8 p.m.; ACCN)

State travels to Winston Salem seeking to get back on the winning track. State's record against Wake is 76 wins and 14 losses. State has won the last 8 games. States longest winning streak is 17 games form 1977 to 1987 and their longest losing streak is 2 games from 2012 to 2013. State beat Wake in Reynolds last season 92-61.

Taking some information from warrennolan with regard to State, one sees that Nolan predicts State to finish the season 20-9 overall; 10-8 in conference. Nolan predicts State's final RPI as 22; their final SOS as 4; their final RPI quad 1 record as 6-7; their final quad 2 record as 4-1; their final quad 3 record as 6-1; and their final quad 4 record as 4-0. State predicts State to beat Wake, Virginia, UNC (we will take that) and Pitt while losing at Duke and VaTech.

I will take an 10-8 conference final record although I am not confident State can beat Wake.

Looking at State's current Nolan information, one sees that State is 16-7 overall, 6-6 in conference, has a Live RPI of 19, has a NET of 15, has an ELO of 27 and has an SOS of 3.

Looking at Wake from Nolan, one sees that Wake is 14-10 overall, 5-8 in conference, has a Live RPI of 53, has a NET of 78, has an ELO of 64 and has a SOS of 41. Wake does not have a quad 1 win being 0-9. Wake has won their last three home games which are wins over Clemson, Miami and Louisville. Yes, it is going to be hard to beat Wake in Lawrence Joel Veterans.

Let's look at the Hoopgurlz Player Evaluations for the 2023 class because this is State's future.

First Zoe Brooks who is a five-ten five-star scouts grade 97 McDonalds All-American:

NJSAA State Tourney-February 2020: Confident guard rebounds, handles and weaves through the defense in transition; physical to the rim, drives and makes plays to the rim; mid-range game threat moves to the arc; defensive disruptor. (Olson)

Blue Star Invitational-January 2020: Agile guard with versatility on the perimeter; manufactures shots, creates off the bounce, delivers in mid-range game; slices into the defense, draws contact and delivers at the stripe; 3-point game opportunist; rebounds and handles coast-to-coast in transition game. (Olson)

Boo Williams Invitational-April 2019: Versatile guard handles in uptempo game, drives and finishes plays in traffic; smooth delivery in mid-range game to the arc. (Olson)

New Years Resolution-January 2018: Strong, agile and versatile guard drives and attacks the defense, passes with purpose; knocks down jumpers in mid-range game. (Olson)

Notes 3rd-team All-State in 2020.

Next six-three Mallory Collier who is a four-star player with a scouts grade of 93:

Insider Exposure All-American-June 2019: Low-post prospect with imposing size in the paint brings skilled interior footwork; s ores on the block with an array of moves, utilizing either hand in the process; a defensive stopper in the lane; power-post with off-the-charts potential. (Olson)

I really like defensive stopper with off-the-charts potential because we know Coach Moore and his staff are very good at developing centers.

No evaluation of Laci Steele at Hoopgurlz other than she is a five-eleven four-star player with a scouts grade of 93.

Six-two Maddie Cox is a four star player with a scouts grade of 93:

November 2019: Agile front court prospect with high motor effort competes on the glass, finishes plays in traffic; knocks down short corner jumpers, range moves to the arc; quick in the key, attacks the defense in the lane; mobile in transition game; potential. (Olson)

Nike Cup-July 2019: Athletic finesse-4 attacks from high post; competes on the glass, finishes plays in traffic; 3-point game opportunist; runs the floor like a guard, versatile defender.. (Olson)


TGCA 6A All-State in 2020.

Here is an evaluation of Laci from Prospects Nation set forth in "First Look: FNL Austin 221":

Laci Steele (Edmond, OK), Edmond North High - 2023

This was our staff's first chance to work with Steele. She has the size and length that schools covet on the perimeter. Her activity on the defensive end also caught our staff's attention. As she continues to build upon her skill in elite training sessions like this one, Steele is capable of playing the game at a high level over time.

From watching her junior year video, I think she has the "Miah Spencer finish at the basket in traffic" ability.

State needs a win at Wake! Go Pack!