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The idiots are wrong again

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament - First Round - Denver Photo by Grace Bradley/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

The handy thing about time is it really does help you write a few things down about a certain group of people. For example, and I’m just throwing this out here, there were a lot of people, once upon a time, who thought NC State “shot too many threes.”

Now, were all of those people, none of them having any familiarity with basketball, wrong? Sure were. Has that slowed any of them down, 20 years later? It has not. There are no people who manage the brand of ignorance better than the ignorant.

Let’s have a quick summary of 2023: There are 4000 people at the games in November; by February, everyone’s an expert in the pick-and-roll offense. You’d think it might slow people down for a minute, just considering how they just walked in the door, but it never does, of course. This is Their Program. They’ve just Rediscovered it. It’s all about them. And they’re stupid, so that sucks.

Guess the problem here:

Weird thing is it’s the same loud people, all the time, not knowing what they’re talking about. This is a cross that we must all bear, on account of having to accept certain among these people in our lives, but it sure is frustrating.

I like how “ they have no assists” is the new “ they shoot too many threes.” The results are all that matter, and as usual, this was a very good offense. Defense stunk, though. Defense has been stinking for a while.

Since none of these people were watching in November, and they went to one game in January, well, we’re in a crisis. Because that was their experience over the course of those 40 minutes. It’s amazing we even still have a basketball program, given the fanbase’s dipshit percentage.