Basketball Scholarship Tracking

April 7 - Disclaimer: This information will change. It might have changed before you started, or by the time you finish reading this.

13 Available scholarships

Who’s gone:

NBA – Smith, Transfers – Gantt, Clark, Dowuona, Exhausted Eligibility – destination TBD: Joiner

Possible medical redshirt: Mahorcic - In an interview Mar 19, Corrigan said, "We’re going to continue to look at every single option for him", implying that we are hoping he’ll be physically able and NCAA cleared to play next year. Another rumor floating around is that we are considering the strategy used for Jack Chambers, use NIL to pay his costs, but he would be a walk-on and his scholarship would be available. With the continuing uncertainty (at least publicly) about his recovery, that sounds like the ideal solution. Only a rumor, but one we like a lot. No ETA on this decision.

Who’s returning: (disclaimers galore)

Player / position / class - experience:

Transfers: both can use their COVID exemption years

  • DJ Burns / Forward / GR – 4 years
  • Casey Morsell / Guard / GR – 4 years – will get NBA feedback, but is not in the portal


  • Breon Pass / Guard / JR – 2 years
  • Ernest Ross / Forward / JR – 2 years
  • LJ Thomas / Guard / SO – 1 year

Freshman class:

  • Isaiah Miranda / F / early enrollee but did not play so has full eligibility
  • Dennis Parker JR / F /
  • Trey Parker / G /

Available Scholarships:

5 currently available – Mahorcic might use one

Questions keeping the coaching staff awake at night

  1. Miranda – Will he stay? What is his best position?
  2. Morsell – Will the NBA feedback encourage returning or starting a professional career?
  3. Freshmen – Will they show up? These are 4 star players, and our most recent experience with being jilted was 5 star players going directly to the NBA. No indications that they might not show.
  4. Guards – We will bring in guards from the transfer portal. Will they discourage Breon or LJ and cause them to decide to transfer?
  5. The importance of being ‘Ernest’ – Flashes of brilliance, flashes of ‘less than brilliance’. We all think there is potential for Ross, he was a top 100 recruit, will he stick around once he sees the forwards coming in from the portal? He’s not ready to start, but maybe he thinks he is?
  6. Starters – We need at least three from the portal. Can we sign them?