WBB: ACC Portal Transfers (Updated)


While the portal transfers are by no means at an end, there are some to me shocking transfers for ACC teams-Van Lith for a very big one. Here is a run-down of those that are surprising or not starting with the all of State's:


Diamond Johnson out;

Jaka Brown-Turner to Maryland;

Sophie Hart to Minnesota;

Camille Hobby to Illoinois;

And Jessica Timmons to Alabama.


Kennedy Todd-William to Ole Miss;

Destiny Adams out;

Maria Gakdeng from B.C. to UNC (Maria was a starter for B.C. last season and averaged 11+ ppg).


Celeste Taylor to Ohio State;

Shay Bollin out;

Shayeann Day-Wilson out;

Lee Volker out;

Jordyn Oliver to Vanderbilt;

Camilla Emsbo in.


Hailey Van Lith out (she was a junior this past season but graduated early with two years of eligibility left);

Jalyn Brown out;

Imani Lester out;

Payton Verhulst to Oklahoma;

Zyanna Walker out;

Jayda Curry in (good get);

Eylia Love in;

Kiki Jefferson in;

Nina Rickards in;

Hennie van Schaik.


Charlise Dunn out;

Ashley Owusu out;

Maddie Vejsicky out.


Moulayna Johnson Sidi Baba out;

Kenza Salgues out.

The teams listed finished in the top eight in the ACC and had transfer activity at this time.