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NCAA makes another change to block/charge rule

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: DEC 01 Nebraska at NC State Photo by William Howard/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

A little more progress has been made in making charges more difficult to draw, and short of making it illegal for help defenders to earn them, I suppose this will have to do. This change is set to be implemented for next season:

Under the recommendation, a defender would have to be in position to draw a charge at the time an offensive player plants his foot to go airborne to attempt a field goal. If the defender arrives after the offensive player plants a foot to launch toward the basket, officials would be instructed to call a block when contact occurs between the two players.

The current rule states that the defensive player must be in position before the offensive player goes airborne. Offensive fouls will probably still have too much impact on the college game—and call me crazy, but I feel like if you get beaten to the basket, there should be consequences—for you.

Another change that hopefully will help quality of life: if a coach challenges an out-of-bounds play with less than two minutes left, they lose a timeout if the call is not overturned. Players are now allowed to call timeout while airborne, as long as they have possession.

And perhaps most importantly, guys can now wear any number between 0 and 99.