Missing Persons Report

An APB has been put out in the vicinity of Trinity Road as calls poured out of the Murphy Center. Numerous reports are leaking out and they reveal a troubling development. Several individuals have been reported missing from the athletic facility. Their details are listed below:

Trent Pennix (#6 - HB/TE/JaySam) 6'3", 240 lbs, brown hair, soft hands, lights up a room. Since the start of Anae's tenure, much has been expected of all purpose, gadget heart-throb Trent Pennix. His disappearance is as inexplicable as many of Tim Beck's play calls. In all seriousness - he is an explosive threat who is a mismatch nightmare. Obviously Vereen is producing fairly well, but Pennix getting only a couple of touches through 2 games is a tragedy on par with the Hibernian burning down.

Michael Allen (#2 - RB) 5'9", 205, short hair, strong legs, never knew a stranger. Of all the running backs, the most hype was around Allen's late season resurgence. Even with his pass blocking issues, the fact that he only had one carry against Notre Dame is an injustice on par with UNC not getting an NCAA decision in their favor. He's an explosive runner, and if I recall from Anae's press conference after UConn, I think he mentioned something about explosives being important.

Payton Wilson's supporting cast (multiple players) - Payton Wilson showed up on the field the past 2 weeks and found it difficult to play 1v11 when the rest of the defense was nowhere to be found on the field. He made some amazing plays, such as a game sealing interception the first week, and chasing down a wide receiver at speeds that would get him a ticket in most school zones, but he can't do it all himself. Need guys like Jaylon Scott, Poogie Kennedy, Sean Brown, and Devon Betty (or perhaps, more likely Caden Fordham) to step up and bring some value to that defense.

If you see any of these people, please call Dave Doeren or a member of his staff. Call (919) 867-5309. Ask for Jenny, she'll direct your call.