2023-24 Basketball Practice Starts Next Week!

Monday September 25th is the first day of official practice for the Wolfpack’s men’s basketball team. Yeah, I know they have been having workouts and what looked like practices all summer, it at least it is a sign of life during this dead period.

State has 4 grad students, and 7 juniors counting Kam Woods and Alex Nunnaly according to Go Pack. That is a ton of experience. I am not sure how our talent level compares to the other teams in the ACC, but having at least 9 players with over a 1000 college games experience has got to count for something. I have seen no updates on Kam Woods eligibility and seriously doubt that Nunnaly, Keatts, or Snell play more that mop up minutes. Even so, the number of possible 5 man rotations available is a calculation I will leave to others. I printed the roster because it will be at least Mid December before I will be able to recognize several of the transfers.

I sure hope we can get some eyes into the gym to report on the progress. Has Burns slimmed down? Is Casey’s shot still falling? Who is toughest inside and who are the best outside shooters? Will all this new competition elevate LJ Thomas game? Can Ross bang with Middlebrooks and Diarra? And, just how many point guards can you play at one time?

We won’t know the answers next week or even next month, but at least we can hope some fact based speculation will replace or quiet the WAG and rumors.