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NC State Welcomes Wake Forest to PNC

An opportunity for a quality win against a very good team

NCAA Basketball: Wake Forest at N.C. State Jaylynn Nash-USA TODAY Sports

When: Tuesday January 16, 7:00 PM ET

Where: PNC Arena


Opponent: Wake Forest Demon Deacons - Q2

Preseason Conference Prediction: 6th (of 15) in the ACC

Pomeroy Prediction: Wake Forest 75-74

Wolfpack Snapshot: KP #70, NET 74, 9th in ACC NET rankings

Wolfpack Season So Far: 12-4 / 4-1 ACC, (8-1 home, 3-1 away, 1-2 neutral)

Now begins the stretch in which we find out if we are contenders or pretenders. The back half of the season gets more difficult as it progresses. 12 of our final 15 regular season games are against teams currently ranked as Q1 or Q2 opponents, and 5 of our final 8 are teams currently ranked as Q1 opponents.

Wolfpack Injury Report: Ross - ankle

Opponent Overview:

This is year 4 under Coach Steve Forbes’ leadership and they have yet to make the NCAA tournament. This may be his most talented team and the one to get them in the dance. Even though he lost his leading scorer Tyree Appleby, he returns the next three leading scorers and added current starters Kevin Miller from Central Michigan and two players from Gonzaga, former 5-star guard Hunter Sallis and former 4-star big man Efton Reid III. Reid is another player that was waiting for a two time transfer wavier and was allowed to play by the court ruling in December.

Their ACC Ranks of Note:

  • 4th in scoring, 3rd in scoring margin
  • 4th in FG percentage
  • 2nd in team 3PT percentage
  • 1st team FT percentage

Since the start of ACC season, the Deacs are averaging 84.5 Ppg with an average point differential of 7. They lead the ACC in both.

Their Season So Far:

The Deacons (NET 46, KP 37) are 12-4 / 4-1, the same as our record. They scheduled their OOC aggressively and it bit them, losing 3 of their first 5, however those losses were to P5 conference teams LSU (NET 96), Utah (NET 24), and Georgia (NET 84). Since then, they have won 10 of 11, losing a road game at FSU (NET 98) last week.

They have one true road win (BC). Like us, they have no Q1 wins, but they have solid Q2 wins against Florida, VT, BC, Miami, and UVA. Common opponents: Charleston Southern – they won by 15, we won by 24; BC – both won by 6; UVA they won by 19, we won by 16.

Team Statistical Comparison

Team PPG FG% 3PT% 3PT pg Reb pg Ast pg TO pg ST pg BL pg
Team PPG FG% 3PT% 3PT pg Reb pg Ast pg TO pg ST pg BL pg
NCS 76.9 44.4% 33.7% 7.6 36.4 13.6 9.1 7.7 2.8
WF 80.9 47.8% 38% 9 35.3 12.5 11.3 6.4 4.9

Player Notes

  • Efton Reid III was only cleared to play in December but has already worked his way into the starting lineup at center and is leading the team in rebounding and blocked shots.
  • Fellow Gonzaga transfer Hunter Sallis leads the team in scoring, minutes, FGA, FGM, 3PTA, and 3PTM.
  • Transfer Kevin Miller leads the team in assists and steals and is second in scoring.

Wake Forest Probable Starters

Player Class Pos Height Weight PPG 3PT% 3PTApg REB ASST STL BLK
Player Class Pos Height Weight PPG 3PT% 3PTApg REB ASST STL BLK
Hunter Sallis JR G 6'5" 185 18 38.0% 2.2 3.8 2.2 1 0.6
Kevin Miller RS-SO G 6'0" 175 17.6 38.5% 1.3 2.8 4.3 2 0.1
Andrew Carr SR F 6'11" 230 13.2 35.9% 0.9 7.8 1.3 1 1.6
Efton Reid III JR C 7'0" 250 8.2 18.2% 0.2 9.1 0.9 1 2.1
Cameron Hildreth JR G 6'4" 195 16.3 42.9% 3.9 3.8 2.7 1 0.2

Keys To The Game:

The keys to FSU’s win against Wake last week were free throws, blocked shots, and turnovers:

Stat: FSU / WF

  • FG%: 50.9% / 47.5% - same number (28) of made shots
  • 3PT%: 53.8% (7-13) / 36% (9-25)
  • FT: 24-30 / 17-21 – FSU made more FT than WF took, but only had 4 fewer fouls
  • Blocks: 5 / 1
  • TO: 13 / 20

For The Wolfpack to Win:

This is going to take our best effort of the season on both ends of the court.

  • Depth should favor us. Against FSU Wake played 9 but only 7 played meaningful minutes and only Friedrichsen (off the bench) scored.
  • Rebounding is not a Wake strength so far. They are 13th in the ACC in team rebounds, and 4th in opponent rebounds allowed.


Will require 40 minutes of quality defense at every position – The Deacs are a high powered offense, they have scored at least 80 in seven consecutive games. Sallis (38% 3PT), Miller (38.5% 3PT), Carr (35.9% 3PT), and Hildreth (42.9% 3PT), have each scored over 20 points multiple times this season.

Don’t foul - Just to make the previous bullet point even tougher, Wake shoots 80.1% from the free throw line. Reid, their center, shoots 90%.


Hit the 3PT shot - Wake is 13th in the ACC in opponent 3PT% (we’re 11th), so the 3PT opportunities should be there, we need to hit them. Unfortunately, having only 1 reliable 3PT shooter (shh!) makes defending us easier. This would be a good moment in the season for Casey (or anyone ... please?) to regain his touch.

Value each offensive possession - We’re going to have to score 80+ which we’ve only done once since the start of the ACC regular season.

Go Pack!