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NC State Welcomes Virginia Tech to PNC Arena

We need to maintain the upward momentum we started with the Wake Forest win

NCAA Basketball: N.C. State at Virginia Tech Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

When: Saturday January 20, 12:00 PM ET

Where: PNC

TV: The CW

Opponent: Virginia Tech Hokies – Q2

Preseason Conference Prediction: 8th (of 15) in the ACC

Pomeroy Prediction: Wolfpack 74-71

Wolfpack Snapshot: KP #65, NET 67, 8th in ACC NET rankings

Wolfpack Season:

The Wolfpack will finish January playing 3 teams currently ranked Q2, and one Q1. We have the opportunity to significantly improve our NET ratings if we win those. We have 7 remaining home games, we need to protect our home court. The road games the rest of the way are all currently Q1 (4) & Q2 (3).

Wolfpack Injury Report:

Sickness hit the team in the Tuesday game, both Burns and Middlebrooks were affected. Hopefully it’s passed by now, except for Coach Keatts. Medicated Keatts was kind of fun.

Opponent Overview:

Coach Mike Young is in his 5th season at Virginia Tech and coming off a disappointing season that ended in the NIT, after a couple of consecutive trips to the NCAAT. They were also hit with a last-minute blow to their roster when in October 4-star sophomore guard Rodney Rice decided to step away from the program. SF Rice was expected to play a key role this season.

The Hokies return seven players from last season, added three transfers – (including Tyler Nickel from UNC) - and two freshmen.

Their ACC Rankings of Note:

  • 13th in offense
  • 5th in defense
  • 2nd in team FT percentage
  • 14th in rebounding
  • 1st in opponent rebounds

Their Season So Far:

The Hokies (NET 59 – 6th in ACC) are (10-7 , 2-4) on the season with one Q1 win.

Virginia Tech Key Wins / Losses

Good Wins Bad Losses ACC - Wins ACC - Losses
Good Wins Bad Losses ACC - Wins ACC - Losses
Iowa St (NET 10) - Q1 Louisville (H) Wake Forest (A)
Clemson (H) Florida St (A)
Miami (H)
Virginia (A)

They have lost 4 of 5 conference games since the regular season started. They are coming off consecutive losses. The first was a home 4-point loss to Miami in which they didn’t have a starter, guard Hunter Cattoor, who got kicked in the head at Clemson. They then started a two-game road trip at UVA Wednesday, losing 57-65.

Their game at Virginia was just what you’d expect in Charlottesville where they really don’t understand that basketball is supposed to be fun to watch. The Hokies scored only 18 points in the first half and UVA 25. In a ‘that’s so UVA’ statistic, Tech made 11 3PT shots in the game but only 10 2PT shots. A key difference maker was Virginia’s 10 steals.

Team Statistical Comparison

Team PPG FG% 3PT% 3PT pg Reb pg Ast pg TO pg ST pg BL pg
Team PPG FG% 3PT% 3PT pg Reb pg Ast pg TO pg ST pg BL pg
NCS 77.3 44.9% 33.0% 7.2 36.3 13.2 9.4 7.8 2.9
VT 73.1 45.6% 35.5% 8 34.4 15 12.2 5.4 2.8

Player Notes:

  • Sean Pedula leads the team in scoring, assists, and steals.
  • Hunter Cattoor leads the team in minutes, 3PTA, 3PTM, 3PT% and FT%.
  • Lynn Kidd leads the team in rebounding and blocked shots.

Hokie Probable Starters

Player Class Pos Height Weight PPG 3PT% 3PTApg REB ASST BLK STL
Player Class Pos Height Weight PPG 3PT% 3PTApg REB ASST BLK STL
Sean Pedulla JR G 6'1" 195 16.3 39.5% 5.4 4.3 4.1 0 1
Lynn Kidd SR C 6'10" 235 14 0.0% 0 6.8 1.5 0.5 1
Robbie Beran GR F 6'9" 215 5 31.7% 2.4 3.5 0.8 1.1 1
MJ Collins SO G 6'4" 195 5.1 23.5% 2.3 2.5 2.1 0.1 1
Hunter Cattoor GR G 6'3" 200 13.4 41.1% 5.9 2.9 1.6 0.2 1

Keys To The Game:

High volume scorers - Guard Sean Pedulla (twice – both versus ACC teams) and center Lynn Kidd (once) have scored 30+ in games.

3 Point shooters – Hunter Cattoor (41.4%), Sean Padulla (39.5%), and Tyler Nickel (37.3%) are their best and highest volume 3PT shooters

For The Wolfpack to Win:

Guard the 3PT line (again!) – The Hokies have hit 10+ 3PT in 9 games, including their two best wins versus Iowa St (13) and Clemson (11), and average making 8 per game.

Force turnovers – They appear to be somewhat turnover prone. In their four recent losses they had 16 TO against FSU, 14 against Miami, 15 against UVA, and 18 against WF. They average 12.2. Sean Pedulla leads their team in TO, with 3.4 per game.

Win the rebounding battle – Although Tech has improved in recent games, they are ranked 14th in the ACC in rebounding.