WBB: Duke


N. C. State coming off a 73-59 loss to Miami host Duke on Sunday January 21st at 12 p.m. The game will be telecast on the ACCN.

State's overall record with regard to Duke is 48 and 39. State has won 6 of the last 10 matchups which includes back-to-back losses in the 2022-23 season. Duke won 18 out of 21 from 20001 to 2014. State won the first 15 games of the rivalry starting with a 69-66 win at a neutral site in 1975.

State as noted above is coming off the upset loss at Miami while Duke is coming off the upset 63-46 home win over VaTech.

From warrennolan, Duke has a Live RPI of 16, an overall record of 12-5, a conference record of 4-2, a NET of 22, and ELO of 25, an SOS of 6, a quad 1 RPI record of 2-3 and a quad 1 NET record of 2-3. The win over NET 19 VaTech is Duke's most significant win.

From warrennolan, State has a Live RPI 5, an overall record of 15-2, a conference record of 3-2, a NET of 12, an ELO of 10, a SOS of 7, a NET quad 1 record of 2-2 and a RPI quad 1 record of 4-2. The wins over NET 4 UConn and over NET 16 Colorado are State's most significant wins especially with ESPN now giving Colorado the number 1 seed in the Portland bracket. Surprisingly State is still a number 2 seed in that bracket.

Nolan predicts State to win 69-59 while Lobo of herhoopstats predicts State to win 66-61.8 with a 64.9% probability of a win. Lobo does predict that State would lose if the game were at Duke with a Duke win probability of 59.7%.

With regard to herhoopstats ratings, Duke has value of 32.6 and a rank of 17/360 while State has a value of 34 and a rank of 14/360. Duke's offensive ratings are value 106.5 and rank 38/360 while State's are value 110.2 and rank 20/360. Defensively State has a value of 76.2 and a rank of 11/360 while Duke's are value 73.9 and rank 5/360.

In Duke's win over VaTech, Duke started five-eleven junior Reigan Richardson, six-foot guard Ashlon Jackson, six-six senior Kennedy Brown, five-nine sophomore Taina Mair and six-foot freshman Jadyn Donovan. Five-ten freshman Oluchi Okananwa played 24 minutes off the bench.

Against VaTech Richardson score 22 points hitting 10-15 shots from the floor; 0-1 from the arc. Jackson scored 13 hitting 4-9 from the floor; 2-5 from the arc. Duke shot 42.4% from the floor; 28.6% from the arc.

In the game against VaTech, Brown let the team in rebounding with 10. Duke out rebounded VaTech 38-34.

Duke appears to be a much better team than the one that lost a home game to 13-4 Davidson in November. If the State team that destroyed UVA on Thursday January 10th shows up, even without River Baldwin, the game should be enjoyable to State fans. If State plays like they did in Miami and River Baldwin is unable to play, could be a long night for the Pack. I think the team that crushed UVA and played well at VaTech shows up, so I think State wins. If State loses, fans are going to be asking how our team got derailed two years in a row by an ankle injury to our MVP at the time of the injury.

Go Pack!