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Virginia Tech Ambushes the Wolfpack 84-78

The Hokies played like an NCAAT contender, the Pack did not

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament Second Round - NC State vs Virginia Tech John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

“We were not very good defensively” – Coach Keatts post game

Game Summary:

There were a lot of areas to point at; our bigs were held to a combined 10 points and 7 rebounds, we allowed Tech to score 51 points in the second half – 33 of those in the last 8 minutes, after holding them to 7 points in the first half the Hokie starting guards scored 25 points in the second half, and VT shot 47.4% from 3PT. But we could have probably overcome all those factors were it not for our turnovers, too many of them unforced. In our last six ACC games we’ve had 4, 6, 10, 15, 13, and today 18 turnovers. That is not a winning trend.

We had a chance to go 6-1 in league play for the first time since the 70s in a very winnable home game, but let it get away from us. And now we hit the road for two very tough games. Being a Pack fan is not easy.

Four Factors

Team eFG% TO % OReb% FTA/FGA
Team eFG% TO % OReb% FTA/FGA
NC State 48.3% 24.1% 36.1% 40.0%
Va Tech 62.2% 26.6% 20.8% 57.1%

Overall Takeaways:

  • The Pack hit 6 3PT shots. Only shot 31.6%, but a big improvement over last game
  • The Pack out rebounded another opponent, 32-28
  • 22 fouls for the second consecutive game!!!
  • 14 steals is a season high
  • 15 assists on 26 made baskets

Wolfpack Player Highlights

Casey Morsell 19 3 1 3 1
DJ Horne 16 3 4
Jaden Taylor 15 5 2 2
Mo Diarra 6 8 1
Michael O'Connell 6 3 5 1

Individual Highlights

  • Great to see Breon come in and hit that 3PT shot when we needed it
  • Casey played one of his better games. Good to see him hit the 3PT shot and lead us in scoring. His 3 steals was a season high.
  • Mo Diarra just gets rebounds! 8 rebounds, 6 points in 21 minutes
  • Michael O’Connell played another good game, 5 assists

Box Score