WBB: Clemson


N. C. State women's basketball team on Thursday January 25th travels to Clemson University to take on the Tigers. The game is being played at 7 p.m. and is an ACCNX stream.

In one of State's better ACC matches of last season, State defeated Clemson 77-59 on December 18, 2022 in Reynolds Coliseum. Madison Hayes led State in scoring with 20 points shooting 7-13 from the floor; 4-10 from the arc.

State's overall record with regard to Clemson is 62 and 30. State's current win streak is 14 games. Clemson has one five game win streak from February 7, 1998 to January 13, 2000.

In the 74-62 loss at VaTech, Clemson started five-seven grad student Dayshanette Harris, six-feet grad student Amari Robinson, five-eleven sophomore Ruby Whitehorn, six-three junior MaKayla Elmore and five-nine senior Mackenzie Kramer. Five-ten junior Madi Ott, off the bench, played 20 minutes. In the VaTech game Harris had 25 points on 9-22 field goals; 1-2 from the arc. Robinson in that game had 19 points shooting 7-17 from the floor; 1-5 from the arc. Robinson also had 9 boards in the VaTech game.

For the current season, Robinson leads the team in scoring at 17.8 ppg while Harris is second at 12.6 ppg. Robinson is also the leading rebounder for Clemson at 5.9 rpg. As a team Clemson shoots 449 from the floor; 329 from the arc. With regard to the starters, Robinson leads the team in field goal percentage at 571. Robinson and Harris lead the team in three-point shooting percentage at 370 each. Kramer is Clemson's volume arc shooter having attempted 94 shots.

From warrennolan, Clemson has a Live RPI of 126, an overall record of 8-11, a conference record of 1-6, a NET of 90, an ELO of 158, a SOS of 34, and quad 1 RPI and NET records of 1-8. Clemson's significant win is over NET 24 Duke which was a home 80-64 win. While Clemson has lost 6 in a row, two of those loses where close home loses to UNC and FSU. UNC won 82-76 and FSU won 78-72. One can add to that losing streak a 1-point loss at 16-2 Syracuse.

Also, from warrennolan, State has a Live RPI of 6, an overall record of 16-2, a conference record of 4-2, a NET of 10, an ELO of 8, a SOS of 8, and quad 1 NET and RPI records of 4-2. State has significant wins over NET 3 UConn and NET 17 Colorado.

RP Prediction found at Nolan has State winning 77-59 with a 92% probability of a win. Lobo of herhoopstats predicts State to beat Clemson whether at Clemson, in Raleigh or at a neutral site. Since the game is at Clemson, that is the prediction I will use. Lobo predicts State to win 75.4 to 53.5 with a win probability of 83.1%.

Looking at the herhoopstats ratings State's value and ranking are 34 and 14/360 while Clemson's value and rank are 12.8 and 85/360. Looking at the same site's offensive ratings, State's are value 110.2 and rank 19/360 while Clemson's are value 101.6 and rank 67/360. The defensive ratings found at herhoopstats for State are value 76.2 and rank 10/360 while for Clemson they are value 88.8 and rank 112/360.

Since Clemson beat Duke at home by 16, lost at home to UNC by 6, lost at home to FSU by 6 and lost at Syracuse by 1, one should see this game as a very tough road game. Clemson has a bad record, but they are not a bad team. The game has a good chance of being closer than the predictions.

What I would like to see is Aziaha James have a conference road game similar to the game she had against Duke, Madison Hayes play against Clemson as she did last season, Maddie Cox continue to improve and River Baldwin continue to recover from her ankle injury.

Go Pack!