Wrestling: ACC begins @ Pitt tonight

Pitt is a program on the rise and is situated in the hottest state for wrestling, so no surprise a good coach is bringing them up. While the Wolfpack has it's eyes set on national success, winning the ACC has become an annual tradition, and one it does not want to let go of. Pitt is a solid third in the ACC from my perspective, but that does not mean they do not have some good threats and a path to winning at home. Here is how I see it playing out:

125- Camacho v Camacho. Jakob has had an unexpectedly had a really tough go of it lately. After beating a returning NCAA finalist, Jakob has struggled. A couple weeks off has hopefully gotten him back right and he has beaten Coleton Camacho before. I think he shows back up here and starts 1-0 in the ACC. 3-0 Pack.

133- I'm a big believer in Kai (as are the folks voting in polls), so I like him here even if the computers at WrestleStat think he lose. Pack up 6-0.

141- This is the big one, imo. Jack is looking great and highly ranked. But he hasn't been able to solve the Cole Matthews puzzle yet. I hope he breaks through that one this time, but I'll play it conservative and say Pitt wins this one. 6-3 Pack.

149- Jackson Arrington is looking strong in his sophomore campaign. He will face former Pack wrestler Finn Solomon. I'm sure Finn will be excited about the potential to prove himself against former teammates. But I like Jackson too much to think he would lose here. Pack up 9-3.

157- this is a bit of a hole for Pitt. While I don't want to jinx anything, I think Ed can control this match and will be more likely to show up after a let down against OKSt. Pack 13-3.

165- Pitt strengths in a few weights lie at some of our questions. I'd love to see Fields make a statement by beating a solid, though not all-star, in-conference kid in Heller. For the purposes of staying conservative, I'll go with Pitt here. Pack 13-6

174- See 165 comments. I want to see Faison get back to where he finished last year, tough and likely to win against all but the top 10-15 guys. This is a good chance against a young, but really good talent that he beat twice last year. Augustine has developed nicely since last year and Faison seems to have not found his groove. I'll take Pitt. Pack up 13-9.

184- Fishback is a ton of fun to watch and keeps getting better. He faces a really good opponent in Heller. This is the other really big one to watch. It should be close, but I'm gonna take Fishback here.

197- Proving to the world that it is a computer without eyes or a brain, WrestleStat has this as a one point match. No. Hidlay will come ready to roll and will indeed roll, imo. Hidlay by major. 17-9.

HWT- Sadly for Pitt, their started is out with an injury. And he is a really good wrestler. I don;t know much about the back up. But Trephan takes this one without much drama. Pack wins 20-9.

Hope you'll join me in watching on ACCN as this will be the Friday Night Dual. Enjoy!!