WB: Boston College


N. C. State's women's basketball team travels to Boston College to play the Eagles on Sunday, January 28th at 2:00 p.m. The game is a ACCNX stream.

Some fans of State's women's team are definitely looking for revenge after B.C. on January 5th, 2023 upset State in Raleigh 79-71. While this loss was a shock to many fans of the State women's team, it was a harbinger of the 2022-23 season; one in which State was ranked as high as 6th in the nation only to finish in the "also ran" status. In that game former State player Dontavia Waggoner took it to the Pack scoring 23 points on 10-17 from the floor. Waggoner was aided by Maria Gakdeng, now a Tar Heel, who scored 17 and Taina Hair who scored 15.

State's overall record against B.C. is 21-9 with State winning 10 in a row from February 11th, 2016 to February 10th 2022. One surprising win was that against B.C. in the 2010 ACC Tournament when State advanced to the Tournament Championship game by beating B.C. 73-62 behind 20 points from Nikitta Gartrell and 17 points from Marissa Kastanek. State unfortunately lost the championship game to Duke 70-60 and then the first-round game of the NCAA Tournament to UCLA 74-54.

While Dontavia Waggoner is still on the B.C. roster, she is not leading the team in scoring being third. That honor falls to Andrea Daley who is scoring 15.1 ppg to Dontavia's 12.3 ppg. Teya Sidberry is second at 13.3 ppg. In last Thursday's 88-60 loss at Louisville, B.C. started six-one sophomore Teya Sidberry, six-foot sophomore T'yana Todd, six-foot senior Dontavia Waggoner, five-eight red-shirt junior Ivey Kaylad and six-foot junior Andrea Daley. Six-one freshman Nene Ndiaye off the bench played 24 minutes. B.C. shoots 435 from the floor; 268 from the arc. Andrea Daley leads the team in shooting percentage from the floor at 518 while T'yana Todd, who is the volume arc shooter, shoots from the arc 353. For interest, Waggoner shoots 459 from the floor; 333 from the arc. Not surprisingly due to the lack of height in the starting line-up B.C. has been out rebounded by their opponents 36.2 rpg to 35.7 rpg.

From warrennolan, the Eagles' Live RPI is 122; their overall record is 11-10; their conference record is 3-5; their NET is 88; their ELO is 115; their SOS is 73; and their quad 1 RPI and NET are each 0-7. The Eagles best win is a 70-64 home win over NET 41 Miami.

Also from warrennolan, State's Live RPI is 6; their overall record is 17-2; their conference record is 5-2; their ELO is 7; their NET is 9; their SOS is 13; and their quad 1 NET and RPI records are 4-2. State's best wins remain the same; that over UConn and that over Colorado although Colorado has fallen into hard times losing 2 of their last 3.

At warrennolan RP predicts State to beat B.C. 75-60 with an 89% win-probability. Lobo of herhoopstats predicts with the game at B.C. for State to win 76.9 to 63.2 with a win probability of 86.1%.

Herhoopstats ratings for State are value 33.8 and rank 14/360 while for B.C. they are value 11.1 and rank 87/360. With regard to offensive ratings, State's are value 110 and rank 19/360 while for B.C. they are value 99.5 and rank 87/360. And, with regard to defensive ratings, State's are value 76.1 and rank 7/360 while for B.C. they are 88.3 and 104/360. State is known as a good defensive team and their continued excellent defensive rank shows this.

At one time B.C.'s Coach Joanna Bernabei-McNamee was thought to be building a team able to consistently finish in the upper portion of the conference standings. B.C. finished 11-7 in conference in 2019-20 and 10-8 in 2021-22. Despite upsetting State in Raleigh in 2023, B.C. finished the 2022-23 season 5 and 13 in conference. It is no surprise that Coach Joanna's inability to keep players from transferring to other conference teams has really hurt; for example, Soule to VaTech and Gakdeng to UNC.

State had some intense wins over B.C. in recent history including the 85-78 overtime win at B.C. in 2022 and the 82-75 win in the semi-finals of the ACC Tournament in 2020. Aislinn Konig led State in scoring in that ACC Tournament game with 16 on her way to Tournament MVP after State defeated FSU in the Championship game-the first of State's 3 consecutive ACC Tournament championships.

State has a distinct size advantage with River Baldwin back and with Mimi at the four. This game is like the Clemson game if State is looking at ACC Tournament seeding and NCAA Tournament seeding, so State had better win and I think they will.

Go Pack!