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The Pack Falls at Wake Forest 83-79

Tremendous effort falls short

NCAA Basketball: Wake Forest at N.C. State Jaylynn Nash-USA TODAY Sports

Game Summary:

Wake Forest remains undefeated at home this season.

The Wolfpack had our chances, the game was tied at 1:57 on a Casey Morsell jumper. Quite reasonably, we went to the hot hand, but DJ Horne missed a 3PT shot, then the Deacons hit a shot to make it 79-81, then DJ Burns missed a shot, and then DJ Horne missed a jumper that would have tied at 81. After that, we had to foul, and they hit them both for the final 4-point difference.

Just like last game, we played well, statistically we shot well, rebounded well, and had only 8 turnovers, but we came up four points short.

The Pack started the week with only a slim chance at the NCAA Tournament, losing both very winnable games might be a hole from which we are unable to recover.

Four Factors

Team eFG% TO % OReb% FTA/FGA
Team eFG% TO % OReb% FTA/FGA
NCS 54.6% 12.8% 22.9% 16.9%
Wake Forest 55.0% 11.2% 15.6% 35.0%

Overall Takeaways:

  • Fouls were a problem again. The Pack had 21 to Wake Forest’s 11. Middlebrooks, Morsell, and O’Connell ended the game with 4 fouls. That was a 9 point advantage for them.
  • We rebounded well, we won 35-32
  • We shot a little better than they did, 49.2% to 48.3%
  • We shot 35% from 3PT, hitting 7-20 to Wake’s 8-21.
  • We had 14 assists on 32 made baskets, twice as many as last game
  • Only 8 turnovers to their 9

Keatts’ Comments:

“Wake made a couple of plays at the end and we didn’t. I think with the loss it may have bumped our win at home against them to a quad one. Obviously don’t like losing but that possibility is there.”

Individual Highlights:

  • DJ Horne had a season high 31 points
  • Mo Diarra played what might be his best game ever with 12 rebounds, 13 points, 3 assists and a steal in 33 minutes. And he hit 2 3PT shots for only the 2nd time in his career.

Wolfpack Player Highlights

DJ Horne 31 3 1 1 1
DJ Burns 14 4
Casey Moresell 9 3 2
Jayden Taylor 7 6 5 2 1
Mo Diarra 13 12 3 1

Box Score