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Weekly NET Update 2/5/24

A snapshot of our NCAA Tournament scorecard

A Quick Look Back At Last Week …

We got a Q2 win against a good Miami team and we won a must win Q3 against giant killer Georgia Tech. Our NET ranking moved from 84 last Monday to 77 today.

The Path to the Tournament

As was detailed in this article last week, unfortunately, our next 9 games are the season. (I see us saving the season in the ACC tournament as the less likely scenario) I see our remaining regular season games breaking down into three groups of three:

  1. Must Win - Pitt, Wake, and Clemson - We need to at least split the season with Pitt plus they are the ACC team ranked immediately ahead of us in the NET rankings, and the others are two of our three best remaining shots at Q1 wins. But winning at either Littlejohn or Lawrence Joel has been rough for us, and Wake is undefeated at home so far. But these two are probably more doable than Duke or UNC.
  2. Must Win - Cuse, BC, and FSU - We are ahead of each of them in NET rankings, a loss would pull us down. Not sure we can absorb any more downward movement.
  3. Better Not Be Must Wins! - UNC, Duke and Pitt - The end of our regular season is a murderer’s row, currently all Q1s. First is about the worst possible combo, Saturday afternoon at Chapel Hill and then Monday night hosting Duke at PNC. We did not volunteer for that! Then a nice long week to recover before finishing Saturday at Pitt, who will likely be equally desperate for a NET boost.

Summary - Sadly it’s been a long time since we’ve won 8 ACC games in a row (as suggested in the model above) and I doubt this is the team to do it. So, even though I think that is the best path to the tournament conversation, it may be beyond us.

Making the tournament is not impossible, there are enough opportunities left in the season to build the resume, we have no significant injuries (for a change - knock on wood) and the revised 4 guard lineup is playing well. Let’s do this!!

NET Scorecard: NC State (16-9, 8-6) NET 75, Ranked 8th in ACC NET Rankings

Quad Summary Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Quad Summary Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Wins 1 3 4 8
Losses 6 3 0 0
NET Rankings after games played 2/18/24


  • Q2 - Boston College NET 90; Virginia NET 42, Wake Forest NET 41, Miami NET 62
  • Q3 - Notre Dame NET 168, Louisville NET 193, Georgia Tech NET 125


  • Q1 - Tennessee NET 6, BYU NET 7, UNC NET 9, Virginia NET 42, Ole Miss NET 61
  • Q2 - Virginia Tech NET 53 , Syracuse NET 84

ACC NET Rankings

School NET School NET School NET
School NET School NET School NET
Boston College 87 Louisville 195 Pittsburg 47
Clemson 27 Miami 79 Syracuse 90
Duke 17 NC State 75 Virginia 41
Florida St 96 North Carolina 9 Virginia Tech 62
Georgia Tech 141 Notre Dame 150 Wake Forest 40
NET Rankings after games played 2/18/24

OOC NET Rankings

School NET School NET School NET
School NET School NET School NET
Abilene Christian 262 Ole Miss 65 UMES 351
BYU 10 Saint Louis 223 UT Martin 211
Charleston Southern 320 Tennessee 6 Vanderbilt 220
Detroit Mercy 359 The Citadel 259
NET Ranking after games played 2/18/24

A Quick Look Ahead At This Week ...

We have Pitt (Q2) at home Wednesday, then a Q1 opportunity on the road in Winston-Salem against Wake.

Remaining Schedule

. . . .
. . . .
February 20-Feb 24-Feb 27-Feb
Quad Q3 Q3 Q2
March 2-Mar 4-Mar 9-Mar
Opp. UNC-A Duke-H Pitt-A
Quad Q1 Q1 Q1
NET Ranking after games played 2/18/24

Remaining Schedule Summarized

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
5 2 2 0
NET Ranking after games played 2/4/24