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The Wolfpack Lets One Get Away: Pitt Wins 67-64

This was a critical game for both teams, and Pitt held us off

DJ Horne hits a short jumper in the lane

Game Summary:

Free throws. Had we shot our season average, even though Pitt shot 90%, we would have won.

That was the kind of game that makes you think that basketball may not be the sport to follow. We played well enough to win and had a chance, despite the free throw shooting, but after DJ Horne made a jumper to tie the game at 60 with 4:16 left, all we managed was 2 DJ Horne free throws and one Mo Diarra layup the rest of the game. Pitt only did a little better, but that was all they needed.

At this point, we’re going to have to create an NCAA Tournament worthy resume mostly on the road. Our remaining home games are two Q3s that won’t help, only hurt, and Duke. That little glimmer of opportunity is dimming. This one would have helped keep it alive.

Four Factors

Team eFG% TO % OReb% FTA/FGA
Team eFG% TO % OReb% FTA/FGA
NCS 51.8% 9.8% 20.0% 26.8%
Pitt 47.1% 16.4% 30.0% 38.5%

Overall Takeaways:

  • Free throws – 6-15 for 40%
  • The Pack won the shot attempts 56-52
  • We won the FG shooting percentage 46.4% to 42.3%
  • We shot better from 3PT, 33.3% to 23.8%
  • Only 6 turnovers – 16 points off TO to their 6
  • We won the points in the paint – 32 to 28

Keatts Comments

“We missed 9 free throws in a 3-point game. That was the game. “

Individual Highlights

  • DJ Horne shot 50% from 3PT
  • DJ Burns had his season high in points, 19

Wolfpack Player Highlights

DJ Horne 25 3 1
DJ Burns 19 5 1 1
Michael O'Connell 2 5 4 1

Box Score