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Join the bowl pick 'em!

There are no bitcoins at stake here. At least I don't think there are.

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The official Backing The Pack bowl pick 'em has arrived with enormous stakes at stake for whoever stakes a claim in the staking out of first place. As is our custom, the winner of this friendly competition shall receive one (1) commemorative MS Paint drawing in addition to the standard heaps of admiration from his or her peers.

The group is at this year and a site login there is required.

ESPN Bowl Mania

Group name: BTP's bowl pick 'em

Password: macrowave

Head here to search for the group -- should pop up as you're typing it in the box. Assume the search is case sensitive and all that jazz. The format for the pool is confidence points, because I feel like if you want the NCSU-UCF game to be 39 times more important to your fortunes than some other jerk game, you should be able to make that happen.