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Join the BTP NCAA tourney pool for a shot at non-fabulous prizes*

do it!

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Clemson vs NC State Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

(*note: the winner receives one MS Paint drawing from me, which is probably not going to be super fabulous)

Hey, it’s March and stuff. NC State has already checked out of this month entirely, but I don’t think that has to stop the rest of us for appreciating the NCAA tourney starting next week. It’s still a great time of year, even if your team is so depressingly bad it brings you to the verge of tears every time you think about said team.

Here at BTP Industries we’re going with a strict denial policy, and what better way to distract ourselves than an NCAA tourney pool? You can join BTP The NCAA Tournament Pool at this here link.

Or, search us on Yahoo using the following info:

Group number: 32515
Password: macrowave

Important note: The group is private so you will need that password to get in regardless of which method you use to find the group.