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BTP The Podcast Vol. 8: Darn it, football

Stop doing that to us, sports.

North Carolina State v Clemson Photo by Todd Bennett/Getty Images

This week on the podcast there is much wallowing in sadness, plus some wallowing in other teams’ sadness, and also we tried to answer some listener questions as best we could. Most of them weren’t questions so much as phrases shouted at the sky.

This podcast is rated PG-13 for adult football situations and swearing. (I finally cracked and started swearing. Still f-bomb free, though!)

(Music this week: “Something Is Squeezing My Skull,” by Morrissey, from Years of Refusal; “Christmas Time Is Here,” by Vince Guaraldi, from A Charlie Brown Christmas; “Monoliths,” by Lotus Plaza, from Spooky Action At A Distance.)