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Week 9 ACC Power Rankings: UNC-Chapel Hill is bad at football

Meanwhile, NC State is good

NCAA Football: North Carolina vs Georgia Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The first playoff rankings come out next week and four ACC teams have a shot at making the final four at the end of the season. Clemson, Miami and NC State will make the playoffs if they run the table. If Miami loses a game, then it depends on what else happens around the country. If Virginia Tech wins out, they could make it, but that also depends on what else happens.

1. Clemson. If we beat ND we want Clemson to beat GT, if we lose we want Clemson to lose. Just my two cents.

2. NC State. ESPN gives us a 6% chance to make the playoffs as we sit at week nine. Nice.

3. Miami. These close games Miami keeps playing makes me think they will eventually collapse against better teams or they are in the midst of a special season where luck always goes your way a la Auburn 2013. My guess is it’s the first one.

4. Virginia Tech. I’m not exactly sure what to make of the Hokies. They look good but haven’t played anybody and got completely outclassed by Clemson. At the same time, they don’t really have to step up in weight class, unless you think Miami is a top ten team.

5. Georgia Tech. I… guess? Why did they lose to Miami and Tennessee?

6. Syracuse. I want the Orange to be higher but they lost to Middle Tennessee State. How exactly did that happen?

7. Boston College. Wow. They aren’t going to beat Florida State are they? I’m already terrified for our trip to Chestnut Hill but I think them winning helps because it makes us less likely to overlook them.

8. Louisville. Their trip to Winston is an intriguing game. Wake needs a signature win, but I keep getting told the Cards aren’t a signature win so who knows.

9. Florida State. Thanks for nothing.

10. Wake Forest. Bowl eligibility is in danger for the Deacs if they don’t beat the Fighting Lamar Jacksons.

11. Virginia. You can’t stop Boston College’s offense you can only hope to contain them.

12. Pitt. At least somebody is trying to make our wins look good. Appreciate the effort guys.

13. Duke. You have to think that if anybody cared about football in Durham, Cutcliffe would at least be feeling a little heat, but I’m not sure that he is.

14. UNC-Chapel Hill. Larry Fedora said this about his fans. “If they really, truly understand the game of football and they really, truly love this program they will understand what is going on.” There’s a lot to unpack there but as you can see, things are not going swimmingly.