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ACC Week 12 Power Rankings: The U is back

I think?

Notre Dame v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

They are for now anyway, it’d be great if they could stay back for two more weeks so we can get into the Orange Bowl. Meanwhile we’ll root for Alabama to win the SEC and Ohio State to win the B1G. I guess we have to do that.

1. Clemson. I’ll stick with the Tigers because two weeks of Miami being better doesn’t erase the previous 10.

2. Miami. I suppose I’ll admit Miami is better than the Pack but you’re never as good as your best game and that was Miami’s best game. I’m scared the Canes have a letdown, but if you’re gonna have a letdown at this point, I’m gonna need you to have two.

3. NC State. Whatever you think of this season at this point and whatever happens from here, we’ve won two game we absolutely would have lost in this past. Don’t let that go unappreciated.

4. Virginia Tech. Teams 4-8 lost last week so, sure.

5. Wake Forest. I might be the only one who isn’t that worried about this game. I think we show up and play really well, but Wake stays in the game.

6. Louisville. I have no analysis to add.

7. Georgia Tech. Trying to sort out these teams is making my head hurt. It shouldn’t be this hard.

8. Boston College. These dudes are going to be a problem in two years, especially that QB and RB.

9. Florida State. Thanks for nothing.

10. Virginia. Brutal finishing schedule but a successful season nonetheless.

11. Syracuse. Apparently Eric Dungey didn’t play against Wake, so putting up 43 is not bad, but giving up 64? Yeesh.

12. Pittsburgh. You literally had one job. ONE JOB.

13. Duke. They beat Northwestern by 4 TDs and now they won’t make a bowl while Northwestern is in the top 25.

14. UNC-Chapel Hill. Don’t let the fact that Chapel Hill beat Pitt distract you from the fact that they are 2-8 this season.