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Louisville fires head football coach Bobby Petrino

Ol’ Bobby will be ridin’ off into the sunset now.

NCAA Football: Louisville at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

If it were possible to win championships for bad timing, NC State would have a pile of those by now. In this case, it’s the circumstances outside of its control, for once. Louisville finally canned Bobby Petrino, just ahead of the Cardinals’ game against the Wolfpack.

Jeff Brohm is a former Louisville quarterback and has probably already accepted the UL gig, unless he really likes Big Ten weather this time of year. Which seems unlikely to me.

Anyway, Petrino’s firing has been a long time coming, since his program is a disaster and his players tuned him out after roughly the first quarter of the first game. You could only accuse Louisville’s players of accidentally trying at times during the last month. The 54-23 loss at Syracuse on Friday was just the latest embarrassment. Petrino went all-in and totally earned his dismissal, so I guess, kudos?

But of course this might could inject a little life back into the 2-8 Cardinals, who host NC State on Saturday. Half of them might even be awake for kickoff. Darn it, why couldn’t they wait one more dang week.