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It takes a whole lot of scholarship offers to fill out a college football recruiting class

NCAA Football: Iowa at Nebraska Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

If you were wondering just how many scholarship offers that schools send out during each recruiting cycle, well ... it’s a lot. I know, surprising, right? You got 20-25 spots to fill every year and, alas, you cannot simply hand pick those players.

Rivals’ Blair Sanderson has some current numbers from power-conference schools, based on that site’s prospect database. Nebraska has an astounding 399 offers out currently, which is tops in the country. Syracuse is a distant second at 371.

NC State is 40th on the list with a relatively modest 175 outstanding scholarship offers. Man, think of all those mailers, and pray for the trees.

Not all offers are created equally in the twisted world of college football recruiting—some are basically just expressions of interest that aren’t committable. Hard to explain. It’s dumb.

The numbers here offer some insight into how different coaches approach the recruiting process differently. You might expect, for instance, that programs like Florida or Michigan would be more selective than, say, Illinois (or NC State) because it is so much easier to recruit at those places so it stands to reason they could be more selective. But both UF and UM are in the top 10 in this list, while Illinois is 41st.

Some schools are probably more particular about the personality types they want to bring into their programs—NC State seems to be one of those—which also would have an impact on offer numbers. It’s interesting to see how these things break down.

Also, would someone please be Nebraska’s friend already.