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FanPulse top 25, Week 7: Alabama holds top spot, LSU moves up to No. 2

I didn’t vote LSU No. 1 this week but I think I probably should have. The Tigers have a win at Texas and now win over Florida, while Alabama’s best two wins are Texas A&M and ... Duke? South Carolina? Fortunately this will sort itself out in early November when the Tide host LSU.

The top 25 is a bit saner this week (I believe some tweaks to presentation of the rankings were implemented to help), which honestly is no fun whatsoever. This is more fun if I can yell about something.

Here is your BTP top 25:

Alabama (6-0)
LSU (6-0)
Clemson (6-0)
Ohio State (6-0)
Oklahoma (6-0)

Wisconsin (6-0)
Penn State (6-0)
Auburn (5-1)
Notre Dame (5-1)
Georgia (5-1)

Oregon (5-1)
Boise State (6-0)
Florida (5-1)
Texas (4-2)
Minnesota (6-0)

Utah (5-1)
SMU (6-0)
Missouri (5-1)
Michigan (5-1)
Arizona State (5-1)

Baylor (6-0)
Cincinnati (5-1)
App State (5-0)
Wake Forest (5-1)
Virginia (4-2)

From one through eight and 14 through 25, the BTP poll matches the league-wide poll exactly. BTP pollsters were a little harder than most on Florida for losing at LSU, which is the biggest difference between the two.