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FanPulse top 25, Week 8: Alabama stays at No. 1

Wisconsin took tumble this week after losing at Illinois, but the rest of the top 10 won their games, and so there is no change at the top of the overall FanPulse top 25 this week.

Among the teams ranked 11-20, SMU, Utah, and Baylor each delivered impressive multi-score wins. SMU handled a pretty good Temple squad, the Utes limited Arizona State to three points, and the Bears beat Oklahoma State by 18 in Stillwater.

The BTP top 25 has had enough of Alabama at this time (fine by me!) and has the LSU Tigers at No. 1:

LSU (7-0)
Alabama (7-0)
Clemson (7-0)
Ohio State (7-0)
Oklahoma (7-0)

Penn State (7-0)
Georgia (6-1)
Notre Dame (5-1)
Auburn (6-1)
Oregon (6-1)

Florida (7-1)
Minnesota (7-0)
SMU (7-0)
Baylor (7-0)
Wisconsin (6-1)

Utah (6-1)
Cincinnati (6-1)
Texas (5-2)
App State (6-0)
Wake Forest (6-1)

Arizona State (5-2)
Virginia (5-2)
San Diego State (6-1)
Boise State (6-1)
Michigan (5-2)