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FanPulse top 25, Week 11: A good week for the Tigerseses

Finally there is some commotion toward the top of the polls, thanks to LSU’s defeat of Alabama and Minnesota’s upset of Penn State. Clemson folks can remove the most recently imagined chip they had placed on their shoulders since the Tigers will be hopping into the CFP top four. Annoying-ass dorks always making something up to complain about their stupid great team being slighted.

(Quick FanPulse housekeeping note: This thing is going to continue through basketball season, though rather than submitting a top 25 every week, the surveys will include a few questions like the fan confidence stuff you’ve already been seeing. Anyone is free to participate—sign up right here.)

Here now your BTP top 25:

LSU (9-0)
Ohio State (9-0)
Clemson (10-0)
Baylor (9-0)
Alabama (8-1)

Georgia (8-1)
Minnesota (9-0)
Oklahoma (8-1)
Florida (8-2)
Penn State (8-1)

Utah (8-1)
Oregon (8-1)
Auburn (7-2)
Memphis (8-1)
Notre Dame (7-2)

Cincinnati (8-1)
Wisconsin (7-2)
SMU (9-1)
App State (8-1)
Michigan (7-2)

Boise State (8-1)
Virginia Tech (6-3)
Louisiana Tech (8-1)
Wake Forest (7-2)
Indiana (7-2)

Baylor, huh. Hell, sure, why not, it ain’t like any of this matters. Maybe this is a sign that I should become a Baylor blogger for the rest of football season. Big untapped Baylor market in North Carolina, apparently. Anyway, putting Baylor fourth isn’t any goofier than the AP Poll leaving App State out of the top 25 this week.

Speaking of which, I appreciate y’all putting App one spot ahead of Michigan. Just feels right, y’know.

How strange is it to see Wake and Indiana (justifiably) in the same football top 25? I mean, Indiana is 7-2?! What is going on? Who let this happen?