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FanPulse top 25, Week 13: LSU maintains hold on No. 1

Not much change to speak of in the FanPulse top 25 this week after the top, what with everybody in the top eight winning this past weekend. And as for the playoffs, the field of contenders appears to be only seven teams: LSU, Ohio State, Clemson, Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Utah. Oregon and Penn State showed themselves out with losses Saturday.

At this point I’m rooting for Utah to find a way into the No. 4 spot if only because the Utes are more interesting than UGA, but hopping of both UGA and Bama seems unlikely.

Here, now, your BTP top 25:

LSU (11-0)
Ohio State (11-0)
Clemson (11-0)
Georgia (10-1)
Alabama (10-1)

Oklahoma (10-1)
Baylor (10-1)
Utah (10-1)
Florida (9-2)
Penn State (9-2)

Minnesota (10-1)
Auburn (8-3)
Memphis (10-1)
Oregon (9-2)
Notre Dame (9-2)

Cincinnati (10-1)
Wisconsin (9-2)
App State (10-1)
Michigan (9-2)
Boise State (10-1)

Iowa (8-3)
Navy (8-2)
Virginia Tech (8-3)
Air Force (9-2)
Oklahoma State (8-3)