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FanPulse top 25, Week 10: LSU holds the top spot

LSU remains on top of the overall FanPulse top 25 as well as the BTP top 25, though there is a lot of disagreement here with the first edition of the College Football Playoff top 25, which has Ohio State at No. 1.

The CFP committee also has Clemson on the outside looking in at No. 5, though I can’t imagine that the Tigers won’t get in if they handle business and win out. The LSU-Bama and Ohio State-Penn State games will shuffle the deck a bit over the last month.

Anyway, here is your latest and most current BTP top 25:

LSU (8-0)
Ohio State (8-0)
Alabama (8-0)
Clemson (9-0)
Penn State (8-0)

Georgia (7-1)
Oklahoma (7-1)
Utah (8-1)
Baylor (8-0)
Florida (6-2)

Oregon (8-1)
Auburn (7-2)
Memphis (8-1)
Minnesota (8-0)
Notre Dame (6-2)

Cincinnati (6-1)
Wisconsin (6-2)
Wake Forest (7-1)
Michigan (7-2
)SMU (8-1)

San Diego State (7-1)
Boise State (7-1)
Louisiana Tech (7-1)
Indiana (7-2)
Kansas State (6-2)