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FanPulse top 25, Week 14: LSU at No. 1; Alabama slides to No. 9

There were no changes to the top four of the FanPulse top 25 this week as those teams stayed on track for the playoffs, though there’s plenty of room for upheaval during conference title week. Unless a whole lot of weirdness happens, Alabama will not be in the playoffs this season, and damn if that doesn’t sound great.

Next I’m hoping that LSU blows out Georgia to such a degree that the Bulldogs fall out of the No. 4 spot—I object to them on the grounds that they are boring as hell.

Here is the latest BTP top 25, which has Utah in the four spot ahead of UGA. That’s how I voted too.

LSU (12-0)
Ohio State (12-0)
Clemson (12-0)
Utah (11-1)
Georgia (11-1)

Oklahoma (11-1)
Baylor (11-1)
Florida (10-2)
Auburn (9-3)
Alabama (10-2)

Memphis (11-1)
Penn State (10-2)
Wisconsin (10-2)
Oregon (10-2)
Boise State (11-1)

Notre Dame (10-2)
Minnesota (10-2)
App State (11-1)
Cincinnati (10-2)
Michigan (9-3)

Iowa (9-3)
Navy (9-2)
Virginia (9-3)
Air Force (10-2)
UAB (9-3)