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Clemson is No. 1 in the preseason FanPulse poll; NC State goes unranked

Wow, who woulda guessed!

The FanPulse top 25 is tabulated with the ballots from submissions across the SBN college football network of sites, including this one you’re on right now, and everybody’s welcome to sign up and act as amateur pollster this year.

(Also we need at least 50 folks to sign up before I can start getting BTP-specific polling data. We haven’t hit that mark just yet, it appears.)

Clemson is No. 1 in the first official poll, which is pretty much the same as the AP and Coaches polls at the top. The SBN sites are surprisingly enthusiastic about Virginia Tech this year which I don’t particularly understand, but hey, that’s why we’re doing this. So that I can complain about stuff, I mean.

Since we don’t spend a lot of time around here on the college football world at large, why not take this opportunity to talk about which teams you guys like this year and which ones you don’t? I had Michigan around 15th in my poll, for instance. I dock points for being unwatchable.