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The ACC in SP+, Week 4: Don’t look at us, we’re horrible!

The situation ain’t trending up around here.

Central Michigan v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

This may be the most unwatchable that ACC football has been in a while—not simply because there is a lack of quality teams, but also because there is a lack of quality offenses. At least with some good offenses you get entertainment value even if the teams involved aren’t great overall.

But the ACC this season has exactly four offenses ranked in the top 50 in SP+, and one of them is Boston College, which does not run the most thrilling system in the world.

ACC Standings by SP+ Rating

Team Wk 4 SP+ Rtg (Rank) SP+ Rank Change Offense Rank Defense Rank
Team Wk 4 SP+ Rtg (Rank) SP+ Rank Change Offense Rank Defense Rank
Clemson 29.3 (3) 0 3 7
Miami 12.1 (30) -9 64 17
Virginia 8.9 (37) -6 80 18
Wake Forest 7.1 (40) 11 34 60
NC State 5.4 (48) -5 65 46
Virginia Tech 4.3 (53) -13 78 43
Florida State 3.2 (57) -15 19 98
Duke 2.6 (60) -5 66 55
Pitt 1.5 (62) -3 111 26
UNC 0.4 (65) -1 55 76
Louisville -0.6 (69) -2 68 72
Boston College -1.4 (73) -1 41 103
Syracuse -2.0 (75) -9 74 77
Georgia Tech -7.1 (95) -6 108 61

SP+ hated pretty much everybody’s performance in Week 4 to one degree or another, highlighted by Florida State’s topsy-turvy game against Louisville, which saw the Noles go up 21-0, give up 24 straight points, and eventually win by 11.

Wake Forest is playing better than anybody not named Clemson, and that’s beginning to show in SP+ as the data included from last year diminishes with every week and the results from this season gain greater weight.

As for NC State, the Wolfpack has reached a season-low in the ratings at 48th overall, which I believe is two spots below where the team began the year. The Pack had climbed as high as 30th earlier this season. But relative to everybody else in the league, this is not so bad! I mean, even week to week there are “hey this is not so bad” moments: if you thought that Ball State game was lackluster, how about Miami beating Central Michigan 17-12? What a comfort to be in this league!