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Alabama takes over at No. 1 in SB Nation FanPulse top 25

There’s palpable disrespect for the Tar Heels on display this week as Clemson drops in the poll for its close win in Chapel Hill. It’s not really about UNC, of course, but we can pretend that it is! Add another close-but-no-cigar honor to the pile for a Clemson conference foe.

Here is how you all voted this week:

  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Ohio State
  4. Georgia
  5. LSU
  6. Oklahoma
  7. Auburn
  8. Notre Dame
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Florida
  11. Texas
  12. Penn State
  13. Oregon
  14. Iowa
  15. Washington
  16. Boise State
  17. Utah
  18. Cal
  19. Virginia
  20. Michigan
  21. Wake Forest
  22. UCF
  23. USC
  24. Texas A&M
  25. Michigan State

The Washington/Utah/USC/Cal portion of the Pac-12 has gotten murkier so I’m not gonna quibble on the ordering there this week. And I agree with y’all that Wake Forest deserves to be ranked at this point—I haven’t been impressed with anybody else in the 20-30 range, so hey, why not put the Deacs in there.