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Week 16 Football: What to watch (Championship Weekend)

A look at games that might pique your interest

NCAA Football: Clemson at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Well Championship Week is here, and even though the Sun Belt Championship Game has been cancelled (sad panda) there are a trio of championship games Friday night and another six on tap for Saturday.

Everyone knows the Big XII Championship Game is sponsored/presented by Dr Pepper, and I’m sure they pay a pretty penny for it. Times are tough, though, and Conference USA is trying to scrape up some extra cash this year so they went with a sponsor, too.

It’s Ryan.

You know Ryan. That quiet friend. The one who’s nice and gets along well with everyone. Never really does anything memorable and nobody’s quite sure how he got into the group, but he’s there. That guy.

Well, he’s sponsoring a college football conference championship game this year. Good for him. Can’t say he hasn’t done anything memorable now.

Anyways, here’s your slate of games for the weekend. Pretty dang good one all around, if you ask me... You didn’t, but I’m telling you anyways.

There are also some other non-championship games sprinkled in, including some not listed below, but who cares about those?

Happy Championship Weekend, everyone!

Rankings for SP+ Ratings and Sagarin Ratings listed, respectively, ahead of each team’s name. [Note: SP+ is now ranking the 127 teams that are scheduled to play this year. Sagarin is ranking all 257 FBS and FCS teams.]


44/86 UAB @ 49/75 Marshall - CUSA Championship Game - 7:00pm - CBSSN

83/87 Ball State vs 46/50 Buffalo - MAC Championship Game - 7:30pm - ESPN

17/21 Oregon @ 13/16 USC - PAC-12 Championship Game - 8:00pm - FOX


30/25 Northwestern vs 3/2 Ohio State - Big Ten Championship Game - 12:00pm - FOX

5/5 Oklahoma vs 11/10 Iowa State - Big 12 Championship Game - 12:00pm - ABC

91/81 Florida State @ 71/49 Wake Forest - 12:00pm - ACCN

2/3 Clemson vs 6/6 Notre Dame - ACC Championship Game - 4:00pm - ABC

33/33 Boise State vs 57/72 San Jose State - MWC Championship Game - 4:15pm - FOX

1/1 Alabama vs 4/7 Florida - SEC Championship Game - 8:00pm - CBS

42/51 Tulsa @ 9/14 Cincinnati - AAC Championship Game - 8:00pm - ABC

24/22 Arizona State @ 76/58 Oregon State - 10:30pm - ESPN