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College football officials have kicked around moving 2020 season up to summer

That ain’t gonna work.

North Carolina State v Georgia Tech Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

While we live in deeply uncertain times with no visible light at the end of the tunnel—and there won’t be any until the curve of infection begins to flatten—college football’s power brokers are thinking way too hard about what to do with the season.

According to the Sports Business Journal, there has actually been some discussion about moving the season up, into the summer months. The shaky logic here apparently is that warmer weather would present better circumstances for avoiding coronavirus spread.

This is, obviously, a terrible idea. I don’t need to tell y’all about how much of a hazard it is to play football on extremely hot and humid days, and that’s all you’d have with a football season playing games in July and August.

In the south especially, players would be at risk in that kind of heat. They’d also likely be more prone to getting injured, since it ain’t like everybody’s going to be coming into that impromptu season in good shape. A preseason training camp in the dead of summer isn’t going to help.

Athletics departments are petrified that they might lose the season and all of the revenue that goes with it, which is understandable since football provides a huge chunk of their budgets. But there’s nothing about a summer season that makes any sense, and that’s assuming we’ll even be at a point in June where the country can begin returning to some semblance of normality.