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BTP The Offseason, Day 38: Carry the zero

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Casino Royale Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

A brand new era in college football is here, finally, and it’s the era we hadn’t considered that we’d needed. The NCAA ratified some rules adjustments on Tuesday and in the process made zero a legal number in college football. (They cracked down on the number of duplicate numbers allowed and zero was added as compensation.)

Zero is about to be the new hero (ahem) in college football. Who is the most No. 0 on the current NC State team? I feel like it has to be Alim McNeill. I need to see a large man wearing the No. 0 sacking a quarterback. Also I’m not sure the skill guys will have the balls to take that number right away so firgure it’s a fat guy number at least in the early stages.


Hi, Ursula.

Ursula Andress, Swedish actress, poses with a soft toy of a rabbit in an image issued as publicity for the film, ‘Casino Royale’, 1967. The comedy, directed by Ken Hughes (1922-2001), John Huston (1906-1987), Joseph McGrath, Robert Parrish (1916-1995), Val Guest (1911-2006), and Richard Talmadge (1892-1981), starred Andress as Andress as ‘Vesper Lynd’.