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BTP The Offseason, Day 63: When the transfer portal becomes purgatory

Football Dummies Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt/The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images

Here’s an interesting read from 247Sports on college football players who enter the transfer portal and end up stuck without a place to go. And they’re not guys who were ranked low as high school prospects, either.

Terrell Bailey is a former top-500 prospect who decided to transfer from Tennessee:

“I heard it’s like being recruited all over again,” Baily [sic] told 247Sports last month. “As a recruit it was way better than this. A lot of schools are on you and they really want you coming out of high school. Once you hit the portal, it’s not really the same. They’re still trying to recruit high schools and JUCO guys. You’ve really got to put yourself out there and recruit yourself.”

Bailey has eligibility issues that are hurting him, and also may have waited too long for the best opportunity to present itself. Now he’s just kinda stuck, since he’s not able to simply return to Tennessee.

247 found that less than half of the prospects who were ranked as three-stars or higher landed at another FBS school after entering the portal during the 2018-19 cycle. I would have guessed that percentage was much higher—goes to show that a lot of kids are getting lost in the crowd.

Bailey, for example, has basically no on-field track record he can point to. Guys like that who transfer after barely playing make it hard on themselves, as their high school recruiting ranking becomes less and less influential.


That’s a football dummy? I guess?

Man carrying a football dummy, United States, 1939

Looks more like a prop for some sort of satanic ritual, but then again, coaching practices were a lot different back in the day.