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NCAA’s plan for summer college football practice is nearly done

North Carolina State v Georgia Tech Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

As Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellinger reports, the NCAA is putting the final touches on a six-week plan for preseason practice in the lead up to the start of the 2020 college football season. Officials continue operating under the assumption that the season will begin on time.

Many schools already have invited players back to campus for voluntary workouts, which by definition cannot involve any coaching presence. This graphic sums up the steps that are to follow. By late July, players will be allowed 20 hours per week for strength and conditioning work, team meetings, and walkthroughs. This is a two-week phase that leads into the start of fall camp proper in early August.

Already we’re seeing athletes across the country test positive—Auburn, Alabama, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech are some of the schools that have players (not necessarily in football) test positive. But the positive cases don’t appear to be so widespread as to jeopardize college football’s current timetable. Those who have tested positive will have plenty of time to recover before workouts begin in earnest.

Here’s hoping that we avoid any major setbacks in the next two months.