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BTP The Offseason, Day 133: NCAA Board of Governors mulling the cancellation of fall championships

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North Carolina State v Miami

The NCAA’s Board of Governors will meet on Friday and could opt to vote on the cancellation of its sponsored championship events scheduled for the fall—which includes the FCS football championship but not the FBS playoffs or bowls.

As The Athletic’s Nicole Auerbach reports this morning, there are stakeholders that would like the NCAA to take the lead and go ahead and cancel the fall championships—which would force a larger discussion about football among P5 schools—and others who want the BOG to delay any such vote until early August.

If the NCAA cancels its fall championship events, they effectively cancel for the affected sports—all of them but FBS football. It’d be much more difficult to justify playing football this fall if every other sport is sitting out the fall. Which is of course why certain power brokers don’t want the NCAA making this call just yet.

But that decision feels inevitable at this point.