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College football officials have discussed a bubble plan of sorts, per report

Miami Beach, Ocean Terrace, Food Truck & Music Fest, bubble performer Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Among the myriad issues facing college football officials this summer and fall is the notion of amateur athletics itself: they have been reluctant to consider any plan where football players are the only students on campus, since that would rather plainly demolish the idea that they are just regular members of the student body.

One way they could work around that would be to severely limit the on-campus population of the general student body, which is a potential plan that has been discussed, per SI’s Mark Blaudschun.

According to conference sources, the plan is based on schools teaching the majority of their classes online as well as reducing the campus attendance to 20 percent of the student body.

That would help further isolate athletes from the general population and lower the risk of exposure, especially if the NCAA were to grant an exception this year and allow schools to establish athlete-only dorms. (It might be a little late for that, though.)

This is about as close to a bubble as football programs can get, short of doing what UNC has done and asking the general student body to go on home.