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This Week in Hell: Syracuse players sit out practice; Louisville finds some scapegoats

Syracuse v North Carolina State Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

While we’re still bothering to pretend that there will be a college football season, it’s noteworthy that at Syracuse, players are already concerned about their safety this year, and worried that the ACC isn’t doing enough to protect them. Syracuse’s players are also, not surprisingly, concerned about non-conference opponent Liberty, which is a proverbial plague of locusts.

The source said the players were comfortable with Syracuse’s rules, but they are worried other ACC schools, as well as non-conference opponent Liberty, won’t be as careful.

Liberty is essentially an accredited cult, but with flies orbiting a rotting corpse. NC State and Virginia Tech are also scheduled to play this shit institution in the fall.

At UNC, multiple defensive backs have opted out of the 2020 season. Mack Brown seems to be handling the entire situation well, and has said previously that there should be no pressure on kids to play, but now we’ll see if the Mackster is genuine or just, as usual, posturing for recruiting.

At Louisville, we have a quick glance at the future of pretty much every athletics department a couple weeks or a month from now: 29 student-athletes tested positive for COVID-19, all of whom attended an off-campus get-together. It spans Louisville’s soccer teams, as well as the volleyball and field hockey teams.

Louisville was quick to scapegoat multiple players on the men’s soccer team, who have been dismissed. Here is an account from on of them:

Anyone who has ever been to college and lived off-campus can probably relate to the slow progression of a night from “hey we’re inviting over a couple friends” to “hey can our friends bring over some friends?” and then everything is a delightful fury of messy beer pong.

[eyes glaze over as I stare into the distance]

Sorry I was just thinking about college. What were we talking about? Oh, right, there’s a plague about, and you can’t trust the people in charge not to make an example out of you, since they are all bad-faith actors. What a horrible time to be alive.