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Every FBS team is bowl eligible in 2020; congratulations to everyone!

NCAA Football: Sun Bowl-Arizona State vs North Carolina State Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

Were you curious to see if NC State could bounce back this season and become bowl eligible? Wonder no more about that, my friend, the mission is accomplished: Dave Doeren has done it!

Er, well, technically the D-I Oversight Committee has done it. On Thursday they recommended waiving bowl eligibility requirements—namely, the requirement that a team be .500 or better. This still needs approval by the D-I Council in mid-October, but consider it a done deal.

With the Big Ten and Pac-12 voting recently to play fall football after all, the decision to make everybody bowl eligible is bad news for mid-major programs, since I’m sure many bowls will be inclined to take power-conference schools with losing records over those mid-majors that are more deserving based on their on-field results.

But it’s great news for a team like NC State, which may struggle to reach .500 in a year where there is essentially no non-conference padding for the record. Cheers!