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Two ACC bowl games canceled Sunday, and one more may be finished

Virginia Tech v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

Bowl season has already seen multiple games canceled—and one altered—and by strange twist of coincidence, the ACC has been involved in most of them. Sunday was unprecedented in that respect, with three ACC squads pulling out of bowl games, leading to the cancellation of two of them.

Boston College won’t play in the Military Bowl against ECU; UVA bowed out of the Fenway Bowl against SMU; and Miami announced that it could not participate in the Sun Bowl against Washington State. In each case, it was the ACC team that withdrew because of COVID-19 issues. The Military Bowl and Fenway Bowl were canceled, but hope is alive still for the Sun Bowl, which has a handful of days to find a replacement for the U.

Last week, Texas A&M pulled out of the Gator Bowl, leaving Wake Forest without an opponent until Rutgers stepped into the void, giving everyone a matchup that is probably going to be terrible. Maybe the Sun Bowl can figure out a replacement as well, but it won’t be an ACC team.