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NCAA makes changes to college football’s overtime rules

Tramain Hall scores a touchdown

On Thursday the NCAA approved rules changes designed to hasten the end of college football games that go to overtime, which is the prudent thing to do for everyone involved, of course. Still, I’m gonna pour one out for those occasional but bonkers 5+ overtime games.

Moving forward, teams will be required to go for two after a touchdown in the second overtime. In the third overtime period, the game goes to the football equivalent of a shootout, with teams alternating two-point plays until somebody scores one and somebody doesn’t.

Dueling two-point tries is not exactly the most ideal way to end a football game but should definitely result in swift endings for the contests which get that far. (Never doubt college football’s ability to thwart this, however.) In the interests of player safety, it’s best that they don’t spend like five hours on the field, including a bunch of snaps when they’re dead tired.

My overtime strategy would be to simply win every game in regulation by at least two touchdowns.