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College football Saturday open thread

The first full Saturday of college football is here.

NCAA Football: South Florida at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

We haven’t even gotten into the college football week proper, and NC State is 1-0 while UNC is 0-1. (Duke is also 0-1.) Nice feeling, isn’t it? Many people are saying that it’s a nice feeling to dwell on all weekend.

We got a big one next week but today we can just relax and watch what chaos unfolds elsewhere. In the ACC, there are several interesting games ahead, headlined of course by Clemson-Georgia. I’m curious to see how FSU looks against Notre Dame on Sunday, ditto for Louisville against Mississippi on Monday night. And can Miami beat the spread against Bama this afternoon? (No.)

PirateWolf has the day’s schedule covered over here. On paper at least, the highlight of the noon round is Wisconsin-Penn State. The Stanford-Kansas State game could also turn out decent, and it appears Nebraska is scheduled to lose to Fordham this week.

Mississippi State takes on Louisiana Tech at 4 p.m. this afternoon, so I’ll probably check in on that one, get some early scouting tips that I can pass on to Dave Doeren during his radio show next week. I’m just kidding. (But people probably do that, don’t they.)